Saturday, October 30, 2010

Refinished Wooden Stools...

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Eeee!.. So excited... I slept in a bit this morning... and that means oh after 8:30 but before 9:00 am... hahaha... thats so late now that I think about it... seeing that its 2:35 now... perhaps I shoulda got up a little earlier!.. once I was up I headed to the basement to give the wooden stools that I got for $10... yeah!..  $10 for the pair!.. a final sanding ... here are the stools...

They're pretty plain jane bar stools... but they'll go perfect with the table and chairs that I picked up to refinish... and they match the style of the kitchen way better than the asian styled stools we currently have... perhaps I'll paint those red and sell them...

Here's a close up shot of the stool... I wasn't super in love with the shape of the top... looking down onto the top of the seat there was a sharp line around the top... so I sanded that down and rounded it...  it's much nicer now...

Here is the stain that Furs and I picked up yesterday from Home Depot... its Dark Walnut... Ooo... and did it ever turn out nice when I put it onto the seats!.. I only did one coat... that was enough I think...  I didn't want them to be super dark...  I used a stain applicator pad again and it was great... I did remember to wear gloves this time... luckily!..  last time I didn't... wasn't good...

Here are the stools now as they sit in the basement... I'm going to wait for the paint to dry really well before sanding it down... I went with a semi gloss paint... if I had it back I would have went with flat... I'm going to wax the legs anyway so that'll give a shiny finish to the legs... for the stained seat I'm going to sand those after the legs are distressed and waxed... then I don't have to worry about getting stain dust on the cream legs or cream dust on the unsealed stained top!..  I have some clear varathane to protect the stained seats... 

Once I get the legs sanded and waxed later today I'll add the pictures to this post...

For now I'm gonna dust off... change out of my painting clothes... get a cuppa tea... toss some laundry in the washer... and tidy the kitchen...  perhaps I'll stain up a couple books so that tomorrow they'll be dry and I can twine them up...

...I'M BACK!..

Ran out of 400 grit sandpaper to distress the painted surfaces of the stools so couldn't finish them yesterday... well I guess I could have... Furs and I ran to get groceries last night and then picked up more sandpaper at Home Depot while we were out... but instead of working on the stools I got some movie snacks together and we watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show!.. love movie nights with my Furs... and of course the fur babies were nearby chilling out with us...

...soo... I just finished the stools this morning... after sleeping in until 9:44!.. I know!.. lots of sleep!.. anyway!.. check it out!..

All thats left to be done with the stools now is to spry the stained seats with a coat of clear to protect them... I was going to wax them like I did the painted parts but am worried that sitting on the waxed seat might result in some ruined pants... if you know any different please let me know!..

I learned a lesson while sanding the paint on the legs... use flat paint... I used semi gloss... big mistake... it takes much more sanding... and the paint pills up when you sand it...  flat paint seems to sand so much easier... and because I wax after distressing anyway I don't need the paint to be glossy at all... the wax takes care of the gloss factor!..

I love how these turned out...  They go with the kitchen much better than the old stools...

You can see the edge of the old stool next to the new one here in the shot below...

Whatcha think!?. Check out these before and after shots:

Quick question... if these were for sale what would you be willing to pay?.. what's fair?.. I'm not actually selling these ones because they're for our kitchen... but I have to start wrapping my head around pricing things... and your thoughts are greatly appreciated!..

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  1. The stools look great (so far). I like what you've done with the dark seat and the painted legs. I'll be watching for your 'reveal'! Happy Halloween!

  2. I love the paint/stain combo...they look great!!


  3. Those came out really nice. We bought padded stools on a yardsale site that were all torn up and had to fix them. There is just something about knowing that you put your special touch on something that makes it special.

  4. Those look great! Wish I had your talent for refinishing! I have an old stool out in the barn that I've been wanting to bring in...I'll have to try my hand at it...

  5. The change is great, love the colors!

  6. Those look so good and thank you for joining my first party!

  7. Hi Lacey, not sure if my first comment went thru...I am so glad I got to see the after, they look awesome!

  8. We have one of those stools in our basement. Perhaps I should send it your way to spiff it up. LOL
    They look great!

  9. Yes, yes! Much better this way. I learned a long time ago about the glossy paint/sanding problem, very frustrating. Great job!
    Thanks for sharing and for visiting with me.

  10. They look great! I did a little redo today myself on some Goodwill stools.

    Partying with you tonight.

  11. They look great! Love the distressing, and antiqued bits, very pretty, and so useful in the home.

  12. They look great! I love the duo-tone colors! Excellent job!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  13. They sure don't look like $10 stools, anymore. Great treatment and look! Love the two toned style!

    Have a great night!

  14. The stools look great. I like how you rounded down the top edges, giving them a slightly different profile. That's a nice touch. I have some similar stools I'm about to paint/stain and I think I'll do the same thing. Thanks for the tips.

  15. If you would ever like to be featured than please come check us out! All we ask is that you become a follower than email us on what you would like us to feature..We love to to feature people and their great finds,recipes. Thanks for letting us stop by!

    Stools look so good! Great Job

  16. They came out great! liking the contrast.

  17. Hi there~ I love how your stools came out!! White paint with a dark stained wood is a favorite combination of mine!! Your stools look beautiful sporting their new look! Thank you so much for joining Feathered Nest Friday and sharing this! Glad you got some extra sleep too! :)

  18. I never would have guessed that those stools could look so nice! Great job!


  19. Great job! Your "new" stools look just right in your space!

  20. Your stools turned out so nice! I love the creamy paint with the dark stain on top.

    What kind of wax did you use on the legs? Does the wax yellow the paint at all? I have wanted to try it on some of my painted pieces, but I don't know much about it.


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