Sunday, October 24, 2010

Refinished Wooden Chair...

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Luckily I started with the $5 wooden chair I got from Pam's yard sale a couple weekends back... turns out the ebony stain is very dark...  I know ebony equals dark but from the sample at Home Depot it didn't look that dark... it is darker than I'd like for the kitchen stools and kitchen table and chairs... so I didn't finish the stools this weekend... I finished the chair!..  the stools are almost completely sanded though... perhaps they'll be next weekends project... just gotta find the right stain...

Here is the wooden chair in the original state... very orangy...

You can see how orangy it is here outside...  its looking extra shiny because there is stripper painted onto the seat...

After the stripping and some sanding... its a very nice sturdy chair... manufactured in Canada by Brooks and Corning in BC...  It got some more sanding after I got the Black & Decker Mouse...  the standing attachments that come with that sander are very handy...

Once it was all sanded I wiped it down and then taped off the parts to be painted if they were touching the parts that were getting stained... I put the water based ebony stain on the seat and the two back slats... then once it was dry... like dry to the touch... I waited maybe 10 minutes... then I painted a layer of latex Kilz onto the unstained wood...  I just brushed it on...  That was all Friday night... 

Yesterday morning I took the sander to the stained seat to make it look very worn...  Today I lightly sanded the Kilz primer with some 400 grit sandpaper... just to smooth out any paint brush marks or roughish spots... then I taped off the stained parts with seran wrap and painters tape...  The chair was ready to be sprayed... I used a bit of the $3.00 can of light yellow Oops paint mixed with some lighter cream... I watered down the paint mixture to thin down the paint for the paint gun...  

After I had the gun washed out and everything tidied I went back to the basement to check the chair... it was dry!..  I LOVE using the spray gun!..  I took off the seran and tape and used 400 grit again to give all of the painted parts a sanding... just lightly and to distress the edges and any nicks in the chair to make it look lightly worn...

After another wipe down to get rid of the paint dust... the paint dust got all over the stained wood so I really had to give it a bit of a scrub with a damp cloth to get the paint dust off... next time I'll keep the stained wood covered until the paint is sanded and wiped down... I broke out the cheese cloth and minwax and gave the whole chair a coat of wax and a buffing... the dark stain rubbed off onto the cheese cloth so I used a new cloth to do wax and buff the cream parts... I think I'll be giving the chair a few more coats of wax before I say its fully finished... The wax just makes it look so finished and rich...

These tags that were a part of my gift basket prize from this past summer's Vintage Chicks Sale look so good with the chair!.. 

I'm really happy with how the chair turned out... and how quickly I was able to get it done...  80% of the time spent on this project was getting it all stripped down to the bare wood...

Worn deail shots...

I would love to keep this chair... but I think its going to be part of the booth that I'm hoping to have at the Vintage Chicks Sale next summer...  more details on that to come!..

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  1. I love what you've done with this chair ~ lots of elbow grease but it's turned out beautifully! Great job (I would keep it)!

  2. You did a beautiful job on the chair, it really looks great! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely week.

  3. You did a fabulous job with the chair! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Good looking makeover...thanks for sharing it at NTT!


  5. Love it!! What a cool way to finish it!!

  6. Isn't it nice when your hard work turns out so well?!

  7. This has vintage written all over it! Great job!

    :) Michelle

  8. Great job on your chair. I love those tags too!

  9. Wow! What a great job! The chair is totally transformed.

    I have The Mouse and I love it for getting in all those little corners and that it's not heavy.

    Nicely done!


  10. Oh Lacy! I love it! I't perfect! Good job!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  11. Thanks everyone! I LOOOVE your comments! xo!

  12. Hi Lacey- I absolutely adore your chair! It came out wonderful! It is so charming and perfectly distressed and finished- those tags are such a great touch on there too! Thank you so much for joining Feathered Nest Friday and sharing this! :)

  13. Wow, so much work! And what great results! I love your blog! Great! Very inspiring! Greetings from FrenchCountry!

  14. Super beautiful. I love how the stain and paint work together. Great job.

  15. Really, really, REALLY like that! Classy!

  16. I am absolutely speechless. These chairs are amazing! You are such an artist!


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