Saturday, October 2, 2010

And The Cleaning Continues...

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Last night I took the racks out of the oven and put it on clean mode for three hours... opened the house windows and let the oven do its thing... this morning I looked inside and anything that had been burnt on the inside of the oven was now dust on the bottom... it wiped out with a damp paper towel!..  There is a little bit of scrubbing I could do around the edge to make it perfectly clean inside... I'll get that tomorrow...  Then I put this contraption in the oven... I got it two Christmas's ago...

I don't know why it hasn't made its way into the oven before now... you can pick these up at Williams Sonoma...  Here it is installed after the cleaning and once the oven cooled... see the few blackish spots around the front edge there - tomorrow those are toast!..

So easy... really don't know why I haven't bothered putting this into the oven yet... I didn't even have to cut it to size... it fit perfectly...

Then I started the laundry... once that was underway I began cleaning the downstairs window blinds and then washing the windows - inside and out... once the windows were washed I gave them a couple shots of Jig-A-Loo...  The windows were really stiff from all of the dust from outside so this seems to make them glide open and shut more easily... this stuff is GREAT!.. the real test though will be for the two windows upstairs that are really stiff...  (Note: I did not spray this with the cats near... Cleo hopped up in the window just as I was taking the photo)

Then this afternoon I headed to get ma hair did... got my roots touched up and got BANGS!..  I haven't had bangs for ages!.. My hair is also curled so its quite different right now... I'm going to straighten my hair tomorrow to get a better look at my new do!.. I'm holding my hair back in this photo because it is a big change with bangs AND curly hair!..

After the hair did Brooke and I stopped for lunch and then headed home... it was so nice outside today that we sat outside for a bit in the blistering sunshine... then because Chris was working all day today I thought it would be nice to mow the lawn for him so he wouldn't have to... and I mowed the neighbors while I was at it... the grass is connected... might as well mow it too!.. Then I hosed down the front steps and walkway and headed in to tackle the cupboards... I'm exhausted now but happy to say that ALL of the cupboards have been wiped down and out with vinegar water... and tidied up inside... I had reorganized them a couple months back so they weren't in bad shape at all... now its time to catch some Zzz's... only we have to make the bed first!.. 

Tomorrow's plans?.. put a stew on in the slow cooker... dust the living room... vacuum downstairs... scrub floor in kitchen... wash and jig-a-loo the upstairs windows... dust and vacuum upstairs... pack away the laundry... It feels so good to get the house all cleaned for the fall... it'll be nice to have it all done before Thanksgiving... (for my US readers next weekend is Thanksgiving for us!..)  Come on long weekend!..

If I can get the cleaning done before lunch I'm going to spend the afternoon either working on that quilt (if the sewing machine will cooperate)... or pulling apart the second wing back chair that I'm reupholstering for the front room...   


  1. Thanks for visiting! Your blog very pretty- and I liked the pic of the inside of your oven!! :)


  2. Your first line got me. I NEVER can remember to take that rack out! I love the liner, too. I've been meaning to get one. Like your blog...I'm following.


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