Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Knit Legwarmers...

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So I needed something to work on in the morning... I'm going to have 2 hours to burn before I start working for the rest of this week... Chris is working early for the rest of this week... so, I dug out this unfinished project!.. What's that you ask!?  I have an unfinished project!?.  hahaha!.. well lets see if I can finish this one over the next few mornings...  I started these at least two years ago... knit one of them and then started the other and then stopped... not sure why!.. They're from knit.1 magazine that came out a few years back... I don't think they make it anymore... anyway they're supposed to be an over the knee leg warmer but I shortened the first one to stop just below the knee...  I was just looking at the picture of them in the magazine though and I really like them above the knee... perhaps once I get the second shorty one finished I'll start a new longer set!.. ha!.. not even started finishing these and I add another project to my list!..  they would look good with some knee high boots though... hmm...

Need some knee high brown boots... that tanny redish 70's brown... they wouldn't match the boots I'm wearing today at all!..

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