Friday, August 8, 2008

Crocheting Sea Life

Found these awesome patterns on etsy and bought them.  Wunderkammer.

Here are my squids, they don't have their eyes in this shot:

Back to Blogging

As good as facebook is for keeping in touch it is missing "blogging,"  I know you can write notes and things but its just not the same.

I blogged for a year or so at www dot Lacey Haskell dot com but that was too tedious b/c I was using iweb and a non dot mac account.... it always gave me trouble when I was uploading new content.

I just picked up a Canon Rebel XSi DSLR... I haven't picked up my 35mm SLR in years so I think its going to take a couple days to get use to using this camera!  

We're going to a BBQ tomorrow at Serrene and Dave's.  Chris plans to stuff a salmon... yum!  Once we get a deck built we'll be having lots of BBQ's... but we have to get a fence up first!

For now here are some photos that I've snapped with the new camera: