Friday, December 31, 2010

NYE 2010

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I hope you're having a great New Years Eve... whether you're heading to a big bash... or having a quite NYE in with loved ones...

...keep safe and have a most excellent NYE!..


End of 2010

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Picked up some heavy cream and whipped it up to have with some of the cherries that I bottled earlier this year... me and the momma snacked away on this...

Last night Furs, my parents and I went to see Zoolights at the Calgary Zoo... I think we all would have enjoyed it more if it hadn't been -20...  We were all bundled up and we still froze!..  I managed to get a few photos while we were there...

Luckily the conservatory was open... and it was a good spot to warm up...

It was decorated quite beautifully... with chandeliers... and poinsettias...

And there were even a few hydrangea's in bloom!.. 

And some orchids...

Once we warmed up in here we headed back outside and just about ran back to the car... it was freezing...

...apparently its -24 outside right now... makes me want to stay in bed!.. but the plan for this morning is to undecorate the house... we usually wait until early January but with work being as busy as it is I want to use this weekend to get the house in order before I head back to work on Monday!..

Tonight we'll be staying in with the parents and ringing in the New Year!.. nice and quiet and chilled out... Ooo... I better get out of bed and get the giant pork roast in the slow cooker!.. pulled pork is on the menu this evening!.. what are you plans for ringing in the New Year tonight!?.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Still Here!..

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I didn't take many photos over Christmas... but here is one from Christmas morning!.. 

Here's a shot of a new ornament... 

We've been enjoying the Christmas break... lounging around... watching movies... eating lots of nibblies... and of course there was some boxing day shopping... got some great deals at The Bay... and got a super cute Paul Frank laptop case at Best Buy...  Furs got a sweet tv remote... the Logitec one that I thought about getting for him for Christmas... only it was lucky that I didn't pick it up for him for Christmas because they had it on such an awesome sale on Boxing day!..  

Have you used up all of your Turkey yet?.. Yesterday we had hot turkey sandwiches... and there were a few cold turkey sandwiches to be had as well... then last night I roasted the turkey bones so that today I could make a big pot of turkey soup... Mmm... turkey soup...  you can see my pile of utensils and the pot there above...

Ooo... check this out!.. I've been looking for a salt pig for the kitchen for awhile... I saw a giant one at Home Outfitters today... but it was too big... and way too expensive... but this evening when Furs and I ran to Shoppers Drug Mart to get some batteries for my camera battery pack and we found this one... and it was only $3.50!.. yay for things on sale!..  if you're going to get one we found it was with the sale Christmas stuff... go get one!.. only $3.50!.. They had yellow ones too!..

Hope you are all having the happiest of holidays!..

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas All!..

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Merry Christmas Everyone!.. Hope Santa was good to you all!.. Now that all the presents are open its time for Christmas day napping... and movie watching... and turkey preparation... and turkey cooking... Oh!.. and playing with my new Mac Book Pro!..  THANKS FURS!..



Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tipps Eve...

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Tipps Eve... Tibbs Eve... I call it Tipps Eve... here's a link to a page in the Dictionary of Newfoundland that talks about it!..  Happy Tipps Eve!..

I'm still here!.. we've just been go go go since December began... even last night we were shopping... and vehicle test driving... and present wrapping... then this morning I remembered... the two chairs that are in the basement with just primer on them... EEP!..  We'll just use them like that on Christmas day... there are a few more presents to wrap tonight... and tomorrow is going to be devoted to sitting on the couch!.. 

I can't wait until I can just chill out with Furs and the parents tomorrow!.. I'm making lobster chowder to go with our BBQ steaks for our Christmas Eve supper... do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?.. we always have bbq'd steaks!.. Mmm... and of course lots of Christmas movie watching!..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Refinished Table and Chairs!..

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Success!.. okay so I just had to throw in the before shot before putting in the photos with the finished chairs...  only two are finished... but that'll do for the party this weekend and I'll finish the other two on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday... as long as they're done for Christmas Day!.. hehehe...

...the before shot... EW!.. but here they are now!..

The chairs got sanded and then primed with Kilz... then once that was dry I sanded the chairs by hand with some 200/320 grit... then wiped them down... tack ragged them... sprayed them this lovely cream... sanded them all again with 400 grit... I used 100 grit too to assist in the distressing... and then minwax furniture polished them...

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!.. yey!.. all that hard work was worth it!.. and the laundry too... I have a full washer load of dusty clothes from working on these chairs this past weekend and week!..

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December's Half Over!?.

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I've just sat down, with a cup of tea, for the first time in days!..

I have to just stop and say... HOLY EFF!.. December is just blazing by!..  at work and at home!.. We've been hustling and bustling trying to get the house ready for our Christmas party that we're having this coming weekend... and for my parents who arrive on Monday!..  I've made muchos progress on the kitchen chairs... all four have been primed... and as of this evening two have had their primer sanded and they have been painted... tomorrow those two will get distressed and waxed... this weekend coming I'll finish the other two... so all four of us have chairs on Christmas day for our Turkey Dins!.. haha!..

No pictures of the chairs yet...  that'll be tomorrow evening!.. instead here are some more pictures of more seasonal decorations!..

Found these top two items at Winners!.. love Winners!..  The little basket thing that is holding the TP... I bought that thinking it could be good for cookies... but Furs suggested it be a TP holder... and well its just perfect for that very thing!..

Remember that metal cutlery caddy that I picked up while thrifting awhile back?.. well its filled with Christmas balls now!..

Ahh... my big bunch of stinky paperwhites... well these have just completely toppled over... I had them tied together so they would all help hold each other up... well no dice... they're just not cooperating... the little planter with just three paperwhite bulbs are holding up just fine... so I think we'll replace these with an amaryllis bulb if I can get my hands on one in the next two nights!?.  I think I saw some that were ready to bloom at Superstore this past weekend!..  and we have to head there to get some nibblies for the party anyway...

Some more balls... they're just about everywhere in the house now!..

And of course I had to put in this last photo!.. just before I sat down I turned around to find this little peeker looking at me!.. he's so sweet and snugglie!..

Cleo is circling my chair like a shark... its bedtime... and she's waiting for me to go to bed!.. our little kitties are nuts!..

How have the first two weeks of December been going for you!?.  I am really flabbergasted by how quickly the past two weeks have gone...  and Furs and I still have all of our Christmas shopping left to do for each other... EEEK!..  I've sorta stressed myself with all the things I want to get done in the house before we have the party and my parents arrive... wingbacks... kitchen table and chairs... photos for the front room...  I'm just gonna have to let a couple things go... perhaps the photos and wingbacks!.. I still have some baking to do before Friday!.. and I haven't even gotten a chance to think about making caramels for this Christmas!..  *sigh*...

Ooo... and we have to put the lighted garland outside on the stair rails tomorrow evening!..  I have to make a list!..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Paper Whites...

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So... I didn't start watering these with alcohol soon enough... so their growth definitely didn't get stunted... they're beautiful none the less... though I don't like how they smell... hmm... I wonder if there is an alternative bulb to grow at this time of year... other than amaryllis... if you know of any let me know!..

These bulbs have just grown crazy!..

Ooo... I made progress on the kitchen chairs last night... I sanded all of the parts that I could sand with the palm sander... the fronts and backs of the back slats and the seat and edges... and then I sanded all of the wood filler on the rungs that had been chewed by the previous owners dog... and then refilled any low spots... my plan was to get home from work today and head back down to the basement to get them finished but I think that'll have to wait until tomorrow night... I'm tired this evening... I think its a good night to get to sleep early!.. I'll need to get rest now... my work Christmas party is this weekend... and I also have a pile of work I want to get done around the house this weekend... stay tuned... I'm hoping to complete some projects this weekend!..

Monday, December 6, 2010

More Christmas Decor...

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So how was your Monday!?.  Mine was a whirlwind... super busy... before I knew it the day at work was over... I did manage to get a bit of work on the kitchen chairs when I got home...

I said I'd post a few more Christmas decoration shots... here are a couple close up snaps of the greenery arrangement that its out on our front step...  it was so cold this past weekend that the arrangement had a frosty layer on it...

Then inside... I picked up this light mat a couple years back at ikea... and have never used it... well I stapled it to the back of one of my old windows!.. it adds a nice little glow to the front room...

In the back living room is where we have the tree... we thought about putting it out front but we both really like it next to the fireplace... and we spend most of our time in the kitchen/back living room...

Ooo... and I almost forgot... We picked up this greenery arrangement for our table!.. we got it this past weekend... and it should last all December... I had a gift certificate from the Vintage Chicks sale this past spring... and saved it for this very arrangement!..

See that beauty underneath the arrangement?.. Chris's paternal Grandmother made it for me a few years ago now... We've been keeping it packed up ever since... afraid that something might happen to it... but this year I decided to break it out... its too pretty and too special to us both to keep it packed away... and its a nice compliment to my Grandmother's ornaments on our tree... I love having these bits and pieces of loved ones around us all of the time... and at Christmas it just makes the season that much more special...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time is Flying by...

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  Another weekend has come and gone... back to work in the morning... didn't stop all weekend and still didn't accomplish everything I wanted to!.. gonna have to devote some every evening this week to finishing those wingback chairs... and the kitchen chairs... the goal is to have them all done before the Christmas party on the 17th... yikes!.. oh and some photos taken... then printed and framed up for that front room...  

We've got the Christmas shopping done for everyone that we have to mail presents to... and they're all wrapped!.. the house is decorated... the two wing pieces of the second wing back are sewn... the laundry is all done... a cake got baked... a Christopher's pound cake... and a few Christmas movies watched... 

Is it just me or does it seem like December is a week short this year?.. seems like its half over already... and there is still so much to do before its over!.. I really can't wait until Christmas though!.. I'm off of work the whole week after Christmas... ahhh... and my parents are here that whole week and the week before... I'm going to chill out that whole week!.. but until then we're going to be busy busy busy...

No pictures uploaded on my computer from the past couple of days of decorating... sorry... blog posts without pictures are boring I know... I'll have to make some time tomorrow evening to get a few more decoration shots up...

...and I just have to say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!.. her birthday is tomorrow... Monday December 6!..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...

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Last night Furs put the lights on the tree... thats his job!.. then I decorated... Furs put a few things on the tree here and there... mostly his Montreal Canadian themed ornaments...  and he pointed out places for me to put things when I'd thought that I'd run out of space!..

We had put a Christmas movie... good ol' Home Alone... and by the time the movie was over we were done decorating the tree!..

Here are a few glass ornaments that Furs and I got a few years back at the Calgary Farmer's Market...

Every year Furs and I give each other a Christmas Tree Ornament... last year I got Furs the Kissing Fish in the fishbowl... the big star in the right picture is one of the stars from the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market that we picked up a couple weekends ago!.. I was going to hang them from the stair rail garland but tossed them in the tree... we like how they look and now they're staying in the tree!..

Here is an ornament I made for Furs a couple years ago... well by made I mean put a bow on a super mini wrench...  There aren't many any Millwright ornaments out there... so I made one!..

What's a Christmas tree without a Pickle!?.  Especially when your nickname is Pickle!.. not me!.. Furs!.. I have a few food ornaments... there is this pink candy ribbon ornament... and there are some cupcakes on the tree and a candy slice looking lemon ornament... more pictures to come over the Christmas holidays!..

I thought I had a few beaded sprays but I can't seem to find them... all I could find were a couple of these gold feathery picks that I stick into the tree... I love how they sparkle... there is never enough glitter... especially at Christmas!..

This ball is one of my favorites... I have two real oldies on my tree... this one and one other... both from my maternal Grandmother's Christmas tree...  They're just so special and I'm so glad that I have them...

When we first got our Christmas tree together like 6  years ago now its decor style started out as simple white, silver and blue balls and of course ribbons... but over the years we've picked up more ornaments... given each other ornaments... and now I like to think our tree is sort of Victorian mish mash style!.. How do you decorate your tree?..

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Apron... Finally!..

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Okay... here is my Christmas apron!..

The pic is a little fuzzy... in a bit of a rush here getting supper underway and the kitchen tidied...  the Christmas lights are going on the tree tonight!.. and probably a few decorations... gotta get the Christmas cards started tomorrow night!.. Bring on the weekend!.. 

Stay tuned for some Christmas decoration pics in the next few days... and hopefully I can get a couple projects completed this weekend!.. not much else to talk about... been so busy with work that when we get home in the evening we just crash!.. How's your week been going so far?..

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