Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tipps Eve...

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Tipps Eve... Tibbs Eve... I call it Tipps Eve... here's a link to a page in the Dictionary of Newfoundland that talks about it!..  Happy Tipps Eve!..

I'm still here!.. we've just been go go go since December began... even last night we were shopping... and vehicle test driving... and present wrapping... then this morning I remembered... the two chairs that are in the basement with just primer on them... EEP!..  We'll just use them like that on Christmas day... there are a few more presents to wrap tonight... and tomorrow is going to be devoted to sitting on the couch!.. 

I can't wait until I can just chill out with Furs and the parents tomorrow!.. I'm making lobster chowder to go with our BBQ steaks for our Christmas Eve supper... do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?.. we always have bbq'd steaks!.. Mmm... and of course lots of Christmas movie watching!..

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  1. Where I grew up...rural AB...we always attended a rockin' dance entitled "The Night Before the Night Before Christmas". Oh so eloquent, hey? There are many good memories though and it's still a local tradition.

    Our family's Christmas Eve supper growing up was always steak and sweet potatoes from our southern (Kentucky) roots.

    Hope your Christmas was fabulous!


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