Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Still Here!..

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I didn't take many photos over Christmas... but here is one from Christmas morning!.. 

Here's a shot of a new ornament... 

We've been enjoying the Christmas break... lounging around... watching movies... eating lots of nibblies... and of course there was some boxing day shopping... got some great deals at The Bay... and got a super cute Paul Frank laptop case at Best Buy...  Furs got a sweet tv remote... the Logitec one that I thought about getting for him for Christmas... only it was lucky that I didn't pick it up for him for Christmas because they had it on such an awesome sale on Boxing day!..  

Have you used up all of your Turkey yet?.. Yesterday we had hot turkey sandwiches... and there were a few cold turkey sandwiches to be had as well... then last night I roasted the turkey bones so that today I could make a big pot of turkey soup... Mmm... turkey soup...  you can see my pile of utensils and the pot there above...

Ooo... check this out!.. I've been looking for a salt pig for the kitchen for awhile... I saw a giant one at Home Outfitters today... but it was too big... and way too expensive... but this evening when Furs and I ran to Shoppers Drug Mart to get some batteries for my camera battery pack and we found this one... and it was only $3.50!.. yay for things on sale!..  if you're going to get one we found it was with the sale Christmas stuff... go get one!.. only $3.50!.. They had yellow ones too!..

Hope you are all having the happiest of holidays!..

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  1. By the look of things and the sound of things ... you are enjoying a great holiday! MMMMM, is there anything better than leftover turkey? Enjoy the Season!


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