Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Paper Whites...

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So... I didn't start watering these with alcohol soon enough... so their growth definitely didn't get stunted... they're beautiful none the less... though I don't like how they smell... hmm... I wonder if there is an alternative bulb to grow at this time of year... other than amaryllis... if you know of any let me know!..

These bulbs have just grown crazy!..

Ooo... I made progress on the kitchen chairs last night... I sanded all of the parts that I could sand with the palm sander... the fronts and backs of the back slats and the seat and edges... and then I sanded all of the wood filler on the rungs that had been chewed by the previous owners dog... and then refilled any low spots... my plan was to get home from work today and head back down to the basement to get them finished but I think that'll have to wait until tomorrow night... I'm tired this evening... I think its a good night to get to sleep early!.. I'll need to get rest now... my work Christmas party is this weekend... and I also have a pile of work I want to get done around the house this weekend... stay tuned... I'm hoping to complete some projects this weekend!..

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  1. Ooh I just love all of your decorating- you sure have a great eye!
    I don't like the smell of paper whites either- I thought I was the only one lol!


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