Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...

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Last night Furs put the lights on the tree... thats his job!.. then I decorated... Furs put a few things on the tree here and there... mostly his Montreal Canadian themed ornaments...  and he pointed out places for me to put things when I'd thought that I'd run out of space!..

We had put a Christmas movie... good ol' Home Alone... and by the time the movie was over we were done decorating the tree!..

Here are a few glass ornaments that Furs and I got a few years back at the Calgary Farmer's Market...

Every year Furs and I give each other a Christmas Tree Ornament... last year I got Furs the Kissing Fish in the fishbowl... the big star in the right picture is one of the stars from the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market that we picked up a couple weekends ago!.. I was going to hang them from the stair rail garland but tossed them in the tree... we like how they look and now they're staying in the tree!..

Here is an ornament I made for Furs a couple years ago... well by made I mean put a bow on a super mini wrench...  There aren't many any Millwright ornaments out there... so I made one!..

What's a Christmas tree without a Pickle!?.  Especially when your nickname is Pickle!.. not me!.. Furs!.. I have a few food ornaments... there is this pink candy ribbon ornament... and there are some cupcakes on the tree and a candy slice looking lemon ornament... more pictures to come over the Christmas holidays!..

I thought I had a few beaded sprays but I can't seem to find them... all I could find were a couple of these gold feathery picks that I stick into the tree... I love how they sparkle... there is never enough glitter... especially at Christmas!..

This ball is one of my favorites... I have two real oldies on my tree... this one and one other... both from my maternal Grandmother's Christmas tree...  They're just so special and I'm so glad that I have them...

When we first got our Christmas tree together like 6  years ago now its decor style started out as simple white, silver and blue balls and of course ribbons... but over the years we've picked up more ornaments... given each other ornaments... and now I like to think our tree is sort of Victorian mish mash style!.. How do you decorate your tree?..

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  1. How sweet you guys decorate your tree together...I try to get the family to help but as soon as my back is turned they scurry from the room lol.

    Our tree is traditional family style, with a mish-mosh of decorations collected over the years...Each year I buy or make the girls a new ornament that suits them during that yr, meaning we truly have an eclectic mix on the tree, from wooden dollies to glitter covered deer...I promise to share our tree soon :0

    Blessings Kelsie

  2. Hi there~ I think you tree looks beautiful~especially neat to have a tree with lovely ornaments and special treasures! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)


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