Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December's Half Over!?.

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I've just sat down, with a cup of tea, for the first time in days!..

I have to just stop and say... HOLY EFF!.. December is just blazing by!..  at work and at home!.. We've been hustling and bustling trying to get the house ready for our Christmas party that we're having this coming weekend... and for my parents who arrive on Monday!..  I've made muchos progress on the kitchen chairs... all four have been primed... and as of this evening two have had their primer sanded and they have been painted... tomorrow those two will get distressed and waxed... this weekend coming I'll finish the other two... so all four of us have chairs on Christmas day for our Turkey Dins!.. haha!..

No pictures of the chairs yet...  that'll be tomorrow evening!.. instead here are some more pictures of more seasonal decorations!..

Found these top two items at Winners!.. love Winners!..  The little basket thing that is holding the TP... I bought that thinking it could be good for cookies... but Furs suggested it be a TP holder... and well its just perfect for that very thing!..

Remember that metal cutlery caddy that I picked up while thrifting awhile back?.. well its filled with Christmas balls now!..

Ahh... my big bunch of stinky paperwhites... well these have just completely toppled over... I had them tied together so they would all help hold each other up... well no dice... they're just not cooperating... the little planter with just three paperwhite bulbs are holding up just fine... so I think we'll replace these with an amaryllis bulb if I can get my hands on one in the next two nights!?.  I think I saw some that were ready to bloom at Superstore this past weekend!..  and we have to head there to get some nibblies for the party anyway...

Some more balls... they're just about everywhere in the house now!..

And of course I had to put in this last photo!.. just before I sat down I turned around to find this little peeker looking at me!.. he's so sweet and snugglie!..

Cleo is circling my chair like a shark... its bedtime... and she's waiting for me to go to bed!.. our little kitties are nuts!..

How have the first two weeks of December been going for you!?.  I am really flabbergasted by how quickly the past two weeks have gone...  and Furs and I still have all of our Christmas shopping left to do for each other... EEEK!..  I've sorta stressed myself with all the things I want to get done in the house before we have the party and my parents arrive... wingbacks... kitchen table and chairs... photos for the front room...  I'm just gonna have to let a couple things go... perhaps the photos and wingbacks!.. I still have some baking to do before Friday!.. and I haven't even gotten a chance to think about making caramels for this Christmas!..  *sigh*...

Ooo... and we have to put the lighted garland outside on the stair rails tomorrow evening!..  I have to make a list!..

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