Thursday, April 29, 2010

Updating a blog...

So this is like round 4 at blogging for me - Thought I should be able to keep it up this time as I now have more creative energy to spend working on my own things, now that I've switched jobs and settled in to my new one, so I've decided to blog and keep track of what I'm working on - photography, crafty things, gardening, cooking...

I've just started an etsy store: Lacey on etsy  I have to learn how to put a banner on there though - and get some photos printed to sell on there as well.  I'm going to be selling the Staches and some photos at the Lilac Festival this coming May 30th with a friend and amazing artist Yana.  Check out her out: Yana's Website

Here are a few links of some people who have been inspiring me lately:
Cynthia's Blog
Jill's Blog
Yana's Website

Here is a snap of the Mustache Necklaces I'll have at the Lilac fest - also available in my etsy shop!

Thats it for now.  I've got some work to do - photos to edit, have printed - check the colours and then print the larger number of them, design and have some business cards printed for the Lilac Festival - I've drawn out a few ideas so far - I'll post them once they're done.  And I want to get some shots of my photos framed and up in my etsy shop.

Ta for now