Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Work is still super busy, but we managed to get a patio built this past weekend/beginning of the week.  In fact I'm out sitting on my new chairs this very moment!  Our back yard is not totally finished yet, and the traffic can get rather noisy but its nice to be able to come outside and sit down on our very own patio. The front of the house gets so hot in the afternoon that front door will burn you if you touch it!  Even the door knob gets super hot - and its silver!  Then when you come out back its still nice out but because the back of the house gets sun all morning and for the first bit of the afternoon then shade all evening you don't cook from sitting in the sun!  Here are some snaps of the patio!  Oh, I said that "we" managed to get a patio built, but really Chris and our neighbor built it!

This was on Sunday - all framed in!

Here it is last night - see my lanterns - I need a couple more so that there is more light out here at night
We also got a new light fixture and put up white railing along the side, and I found some patio chairs that I absolutely love, love, love!  They're pretty light and easy to reconfigure.  We got two corner chairs, two armless chairs and an ottoman, though one of the corner chairs was really banged up in the box so we have to go and exchange it this weekend.  C'mon long weekend!  I have some lounging to do on our patio!