Friday, October 8, 2010

Great Find!..

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If you're ever at Home Depot, or any store that mixes paint for that matter, wander over to the paint section and have a quick look for mis-mixes... Found this sweet buttery cream for just a couple bones last night!..  I don't have a project for it yet... perhaps that small table that I picked up earlier this summer... or perhaps I'll use it for something that I find at Pam's sale this weekend!..

Yeah!.. 3 bucks!..  I think this is worthy of Show & Tell Friday!..  Join the party over at My Romantic Home!.. Ooo... AND Frugal Friday too...  Join that party over at The Shabby Nest

Happy Friday!.. What are you plans for the long weekend!?.  (Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend)...


  1. I love Oops paint! Another great trick that not everyone knows is that the guy at the paint counter will adjust the paint a bit if you ask for it. He can't change a blue to a red, but he can nudge a blue to turquoise, so it's worth grabbing Oops paint no matter what color it is.

  2. Mistints can be dangerous! I have a stockpile now because I keep buying them without projects!
    Happy Thanksgiving, I'll be heading to my parents for homemade apple pie!

  3. Great find and such a lovely color...My MIL does the same thing and has gotten some great colors...Going to become your newest follower so I can find out what you end up doing with it :)


  4. Thanks for stopping by ladies!..

    laxsupermom - Thanks for that tip! Great to know! I really never would have thought to ask!

    Cathy - I think I too will soon have a stock pile of oops paints in my basement! hahaha!

    Kelsie - Thanks for following!

  5. That's a great deal. I am sure you'll find something for it.

  6. love the knit leg warmers! And your right, I always want to buy all the miss match paint! Great buys, for sure. Thanks for your sweet comment on my hutches! Lezlee

  7. Love the color!! Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful holiday!!


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