Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bring On The Weekend...

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I haven't had a chance to work on any projects this week... when I got home today I headed out for a quick walk to take in what the weather forecasters have been saying will be the last day like this for awhile... it was like 24 degrees this afternoon!..  then once I got in I whipped up some french onion soup... Mmm... my best batch yet... then I sat on the couch... I was going to get back at covering that second wing back this evening but nope... not tonight... I was stuck to the couch... Ooo... once I started the soup this evening I did dip one of those books I got last weekend into tea water to test stain it up... I think it'll need a few more dips and rubbings over to get it how I want it to look... snaps to come once I get them complete...

Friday night... Saturday... Sunday... got lots I want to get done this weekend!.. I wanna work on sanding that single chair I got from Pam's sale last weekend to prep it for paint and stain... I need to wax that table I refinished last weekend... I want to get those books stained and twined together... and I'd like to get that second wing back mostly recovered...  What projects are you working on this weekend?

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  1. TGIF! :) Can't wait to see what you work on this weekend. I too have a BUNCH of projects I'd like to finish, start and ponder on.


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