Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Zero Quilt Progress So Far This Week...

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Since the weekend morning that I started back on the free motion sewing with the plan to get the Christmas quilt finished I haven't been able to sew AT ALL with my machine... The top thread keeps looping up on the bottom and no matter how much I turn up the tension it doesn't tighten up the thread... I turned it off... rethreaded (yes with the presser foot up)... made sure the presser foot was down when I was sewing...  rethreaded the bobbin... tried a different bobbin... and I even tried my old machine and got the same problem... WHATS GOING WRONG!?  is the timing off?  How would I know!?  I just want to finish this quilt!..

Got a few iPhone snaps when I was over at the neighbors last night... the Fall cleaning bug has bitten her too and last night she was organizing her office space... look at the treasures that were found...

OMM NOM NOM... Coconut m&m's!.. Yum... and super cute kittie stickie notes... which reminds me I have to dig them out of my purse here now and put them on my desk...  Thanks Amy!..  

AHHH... cutest pen ever... She's got a tonne of awesome stationary from Japan...

More beyond awesome stickie notes... "mew mew mew"

And I think this is the best treasure of the evening... remember this guy's show!?.  Wok With Yan!?.  "that wobster wok the wong way!.." *drops lobster into the pot of boiling water*

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