Saturday, September 11, 2010

Busy Couple Of Days...

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Whipped this up yesterday evening for the Momma...  I've seen a few different ones online and knew it would be easy to get together...  The frame is from Ikea... it was only $12.99...

I didn't get a good shot of the Christmas quilt yet... the blocks are all sewed together and the applique pieces all ironed down... I have to sew around the applique pieces put in the batting and backing, tack it together and then do the free motion sewing all over the top... I've never really tried the free motion sewing so fingers crossed I get it to work okay!..  In the mean time here is fabric that I picked up to make myself a Christmas apron!.. and the pink will be the binding!..

The Momma and I headed to the Millarville Market this morning... and I got these pretty Globe Thistle flowers for the front room... Ooo... I almost forgot... I got a HUGE potted mum for the second planter out front... I'll plant that one tomorrow and get a snap of it...

Annnnd tada!.. I put this together this morning... broke out the ol' glue gun... burned myself a few times... I wanted a nice Fall wreath and haven't really seen anything around that I like and so the Momma and I picked out the bits and pieces for this...

I have a nice door hanging for the Winter and I have plans to make one for the Christmas Season... I got a Christmas craft book from Fabricland there yesterday and its is just FULL of awesome ideas...

I'm linking this post up to Create Something Inspiring to feature this Fall wreath that I made.


  1. Wow very nice wreath! I can't wait to see your finished quilt!

  2. Thanks!! You've inspired me to get back at my quilts that I've already started (and need to finish) so that I can start working on more!!

  3. Hey Lacey,
    I'm putting together a post on fabulous fall wreaths and wanted to share yours! Please contact me and let me know if that's ok with you.

    Many Thanks! Oh, btw...I L-O-V-E the crocheted sea life too! ;-)

  4. The wreath is WOW! But, I really love the fabric for the apron. I like it so much, I wanna go out and find some for me!!


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