Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One Down... One To Go...

I always set fairly unreasonable goals... two chairs on one long weekend!?.  I didn't start them until Sunday... so only one is almost fully completed... The only reason its not completed is because I need to get more piping so I can make the seat cushion cover and the double welt for around the bottom...  I'm not 100% satisfied with this chair though... but after I cover the second I might redo the back on it as there is a little pucker/wrinkle that I'm not happy with... We did get the blinds up and the front room tidied... it's been looking like a bomb struck it now for about a month and a half... the chair waiting to be covered has been sent to the basement until next weekend...

Okay enough chatter... check it!

Here's a snap of me working on cutting the foam pieces for the chair... Picture brought to you by my Christopher!..  I LOVE this photo!..

Here it is just about all stripped down.. I replaced the nasty yellow smelly foam with nice new foam... I even replaced the fabric meshing that was over the springs...


Here she is with the foam all changed and the front piece on...  I ended up putting a bit a layer of batting onto of the foam on the inside of the wings, and some loose batting fluff to fill out the wing tips...

The arms were a breeze... as was the back... the wings made me scared... So I took a break after this point... 

Here's a side by side before and after!.. I'm very excited to get one done!..  Now for the other!  Check out the side before and after...

The arms and wings on mine are puffier than the original - on purpose... the green ones are so thin and no comfy... The new ones... so comfy!  

And here's a snap of the blind installation...

Pictures of the whole room once the other chair is finished and the room is all put together...


  1. Amazing Lacey! Great work!

  2. Fantastic job! What a great before and after shot! Nice work!

  3. I admire people who can do upholstery work! I tried it one time and screwed it royally!!

  4. I'm so inspired and could only hope to do this good with my set. Now, I wish I hadn't sold the other set that I had.

  5. Oh, I love it!
    It really came out nice!
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. I am in the midst of my own wing back project. You've inspired me to finally get it done!

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    Melodie - thats awesome that you're finishing yours!


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