Monday, August 9, 2010

Cushion One... Lacey Zero...

So perhaps the title is a little over dramatic... it looks good in the picture above... I thought that the cushion cover was a top and bottom piece with a side piece all the way around with two pieces of piping around it... well when I took the cushion cover apart the piping was BUILT IN to the side piece that goes all around the cushion... so I tried it that way... I'm about half way around one piece and it is TEDIOUS to say the least... but now that I'm thinking about it... its not really that bad... I'll give it a round two this evening or tomorrow evening... I'm just going to have to sew around it a second time to get in really close to the piping so that the cushion is nice and tidy...  Oh... I need to pick up some zippers before I can make two bolster pillows for the Swedish couch... and I was just at fabricland... oh well... another trip is in order!

Here is a cute shot of one of my furbabies... Cleo made a nest in the batting that I had downstairs while I was working on the chairs last weekend... she had a couple layers below her and a layer above... It was so cute!

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