Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Still Here...

Busy, busy, busy...  not making anything though... this past weekend... what did we do... I think Friday evening I was asleep fairly early... Saturday morning... we went and signed the papers for Vince...  Here is a photo of him taken by the Humane Society... I'll get a better picture of him once we get him...  We couldn't even visit him on Saturday because he was in a different area:

He looks kinda pissed in this picture... he's really pleasant though!..  I think its just cause his one ear is flat there from the top of his crate... see the little scratch on his nose!?.  He had one above his ear too - I think it might be from other kitties in our neighborhood...  He's like a little man version of Cleo...  Saturday afternoon we went to LoungeBurger for lunch.. yum!..

Sunday Furs ended up working so I cleaned the house and did the laundry after a trip to Winners...  Oh we had a wicked storm Saturday evening... tonnes of hail... and my back garden was doing so well... I haven't really gone out and had a good look at it since... I'll have to do that this evening...  Gonna spend this weekend coming cleaning the house too because Momma arrives next weekend!.. and I'm taking the week off that she's here so we're going to be busy busy busy... moving out the front garden, bottling salsa and maybe cherries... we'll see what else... maybe carrots?  

Tomorrow I should have some golf photos here... I spent yesterday out at the beautiful Stewart Creek Golf Course in Canmore, taking photos of our corporate tournament... 

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