Monday, August 16, 2010

Where did the weekend go?..

Friday evening we headed down to Booker's Crab Shack with some friends and had this:

Yep... garbage pail lid platter of crabby goodness - snow and king crab legs, crab cakes, crab and artichoke dip, fries, biscuits... and thats a jalepeno mac and cheese there to the bottom left of the platter... and yes that is an EXTRA bucket of crab legs to the top right of the platter...  

Just as we got home we saw a cat run towards the back of our house and it looked just like my Cleo!.. my heart was in my throat... how could she have gotten out!?.  PANIC... so we quickly checked in the house and our two cats were inside... I had to see this cat that had run out back... we have a few outdoor cats on our street but I'd never seen this one before: 

Out under our patio was this skinny little guy...  I called out and he came right out... and we brought him out front and got him some wet food... he ate that so fast... he was so hungry that I ran in and got him a container of kibble... and he had a bunch of that and then he came up onto my lap (I was sitting right next to him) and nuzzled, and kneaded and cuddled... then he ate some more kibble and went and nuzzled and kneaded and cuddled Chris... and back and fourth... food and cuddles... food and cuddles... he was skin and bones... I checked petlynx and kijiji for a description/photos of him but found nothing... He'd clearly been outside for awhile so we couldn't just bring him into our house, just in case he had worms or something... so I ran and got a crate and we brought him to the 24 hour emergency animal hospital...  broke my heart to part with him... but today I'm calling the Calgary Humane Society to get his information so we can track him as there is a holding period in case his owner is looking for him...

Saturday evening we went to check out the Roller Derby Championship match:

I'm thinking out getting some skates and perhaps trying out in the fall... I think it could be a hoot!  

Then yesterday I tackled the 6 layer red velvet cake... I have to say... BAM!..

The 6 thin layers look much nicer than three thick ones I think... and there is a perfect balance of cake and icing in the 6 layer cake... I'm just waiting for 8 am so I can call and see if our little stray had been picked up from the pet hospital on Saturday and brought to the humane society... and what is going to happen with him... if he doesn't get adopted we're going to have to adopt him, he was just the sweetest...

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