Friday, August 6, 2010


Just had to post this snap of Milo... what a little fart... if we're outside he's in the window trying to convince us that he should be outside too... "heeey! c'mon... lemmmie ouut!"

Last night we were just going to grab a nap at 5:30 before cooking some supper... well we never got up from that nap until this morning... and I feel like I could still use some more sleep... my body has been fighting off something... a cold? a flu?  I'm not sure... it doesn't feel that great is all I know... and I'd like to get some more sleep... 

Plans for the weekend?  We plan on a drive to Banff or Millarville, somewhere for a picnic... and then other than that SLEEP!.. oh and I have to strip the second chair and change the foam in prep to be covered... OH! and on the way home from work today, grab some piping so I can finish the first chair completely... can't wait to see it with a covered cushion...  time to grab a quick cat nap on my desk before the day begins... yeah so if you were wondering why the lack of posts this week... I've been sleeping!

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