Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pretty things...

When we brought dad to the lancaster museum in Nanton last weekend I just had to take a quick peek in a couple of the antique stores there... found this little jem... I can't wait for the room to be finished so that I can put some fresh flowers in it!  

Shit picture I know but I was just trying to grab a quick snap of the whole bottle... it even has a glass lid...

Love love love the crown on the jar lid!  And it just fits so well with the other elements that I've collected for the front room....

Okay and one more shot of the lid...

LOVE IT!  I plan on getting this room together this weekend... I even have the grocery list already made and we're going to go get the groceries tomorrow evening... yeah, Friday evening...  Once the weekend starts I don't want to leave the house at all... except for my hair appointment at 2 on Saturday... my regrowth is just out of hand now...  Anyway... I think Friday night we're also going to grab the large blinds for the front room so thats done and out of the way and the blinds in the house are complete... the sun pours in there and I'm starting to worry that its going to fade my swedish couch!.. not that I want to block out the sun completely... I've found in the front rooms upstairs that if you turn the blinds up just enough you can block the direct sunlight (from turning the house into a sauna) and the room is still full of sun and bright... win win!  Once the room is mostly back together then I have to decide if we're going to put curtains back up in the front windows... I think they'd be nice to have in the winter to help warm up the room... but what about in the summer?  Just a plain sheer?    

Oh and HI! out there!..  someone left a comment on a few posts below this one that they were visiting the blog from Exeter, California!.. I love to hear where you're visiting from and what brought you here!..  Let me know!..  Hey, become a follower of my blog!.. There is a link over there to the right somewhere...

Can't wait for tomorrow... Show & Tell Friday... what will I snap tonight to be ready for the morning!?.


  1. Hey! Someone else from Canada, great! I read your profile, did you guys do your landscaping by yourselves? Just curious cause I thought it would be funny if my father was the one who did it (as he is a landscaper who's business is based near Calgary) We also just came back from vacation your way. We live in Thunder Bay Ontario.
    Love your crown jar post! My great grandmother used to do all her preserving in those.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. That is a beautiful jar and will look wonderful filled with flowers. The glass lid is an added plus. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Yeah we did the landscaping ourselves - I ached for days after!


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