Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sigh... but a good one this time...

This baby runs smooth... its just a basic brother machine but it came with a pile of bonus feet... walking foot, free motion foot... ZIPPER FOOT... and like 5 others... and it has this nice table attachment...  I was so excited to be working on my chairs again that I ended up getting ahead of myself and sewing a couple pieces together only to have to rip them apart because they weren't exactly right... 

Here is an iphone snap of the front, and arm piece... I'm just holding them on to get an idea of how the chair is going to look... I still have to replace the foam that is underneath and then fatten it up with some batting... but I'm waiting until I have all the fabric pieces ready to go before replacing the foam...

I'm so jazzed that this is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be and the piped pieces are turning out so well!  Keep in mind in the above photos that the pieces are just temporarily in place... thats why they're loose looking...  I have to start thinking of pillows now that will go with both the couch and chairs... Cream maybe?  I don't want to overdo it on the cream though... but black cushions on the purply grey couch just won't look right I think... what do you think?  I know I want to make some roll pillows and they'll be sharp and have piping... I'm just unsure what fabric to bring in to tie them together without being too matchy matchy... so let me know what you think!

One last piping shot... hahaha, its funny before I had to rip and re-sew this piped piece the guy there with his arm out towards the piping looked like he was holding up a head because the pattern on the piping  had a guy's head right on the outside, and it lined up exactly with the end of the guy's arm...  more sewing when I get home this evening, and cutting out the last pieces of the chairs...


  1. My immediate thought when you showed the fabric was "oh wow - red or orange cushions would look great with that." But I'm not sure what the rest of the room is like or what colours you have. Or the style of the rest of your place.

  2. Hey Lacey! I found your blog on Facebook and just wanted to say hi. Love the fabric you picked for the chair! You are super talented to take that project on!

    Are you still at Heavy?

  3. hmm... well, there is a swedish couch in this room - aged cream wood trim with purplish grey ultra suede upholstery, then there are two cream tables, two of these toile chairs and the walls are cream as well...

  4. Hey Leigh! No not at Heavy anymore... hardly anyone from the shop when you were there is still there now.


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