Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to the Wingbacks...

I got back to the chairs yesterday evening... I can't wait for this coming long weekend... I don't care how nice it is outside... I'm staying in until these puppies are done, and the front room is back together... then all that'll be left in there is to make a few pillows, some things for the walls and to pick up a fern, to put into the little cage thing that I picked up...  All of the pieces are cut out for the chairs... the only sewing left are three of the wing pieces... I cut them all out yesterday and assembled one... I'm not liking the piping on that one piece so I might try to sew it over once more closer to the piping, or I'll take it apart and resew the piece together... I knew the wings would be the trickiest... but someone did it originally for the chair so I should be able to redo it!

I've just tacked the fabric onto the chair here with a couple staples so that I wouldn't have to hold the pieces on while trying to take a couple pictures... The foam is going to be replaced... along with that black piece of light fabric that is covering the back springs... it'll be that nice cream that you see on the seat part where the seat cushion is going to go... I know it'll be inside but it'll be nice and consistent all the way through... I plan on putting a layer of batting over all of the foam as well to make the chairs a little more plush and full looking...

I think they're going to be pretty sharp once they're complete!  


  1. Ooooh they are going to be gorgeous!!! I too am looking forward to the long weekend for some sewing fun!

  2. Wow!! I love your chair. You've done an amazing job. I know this is an older post but I just found your blog through Mustard Seed Creations and as I was looking through it, I found this post. I also love that blue glass jar with the glass lid. So pretty! Great job on everything!!

    God Bless,


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