Friday, July 9, 2010

Show and tell Friday...

I found this beautiful blog: My Romantic Home and have decided to participate in Show & Tell Friday... there are so many beautiful blogs participating!

Here is what I have this Friday...

I've shown this before but I really love these eggs in the jar of eucalyptus leaves that I picked up from the Vintage Chicks sales a few weekends back...  Its in our yellow room... or the bird room... I'll have a few shots of that room once I get the vintage yellow chenille dry cleaned and put onto the bed...

I'm showing these eggs again because I couldn't wait until next Friday to participate... and I'm currently sitting at my desk at work (I'm here early... I'm not blogging on work time)... so I can't get any new photos right this second...  Ooo but the wheels are turning for next week already!  


  1. I really LOVE your eggs!! I'm participating in this party, too, and my post is all about birds, eggs, nests, etc. I don't have any displayed in a jar, though... LOVE that! Come by and visit. :)
    Have a wonderful day!
    ~ Jo :)


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