Monday, June 14, 2010

Vintage Chicks...

After collecting Serrene on Saturday morning we headed to the Millarville Market, and then to the Vintage Chicks sale in Priddis... well it was beyond amazing!  And the prices were also soo good and amazingly reasonable!  I ended up leaving the sale with a vintage chenille bedspread (pictures to come later), a lavender pillow, and two vintage jars - one with a nest inside and the other with eucalyptus and a blue egg inside (pictures to come later of these too)...  Check out my flickr photostream for photos from the sale... AND I won the draw for the "gift basket,"  and calling it a gift basket is the understatement of the century!  It was a huge basket brimming full of wonderful things, and a pile of gift certificates for various vendors at the show!  AND a beautiful vintage scale, AND a super beautiful table (that goes oh so lovely in my front room)... here's a snap of it... I couldn't believe it when they called and said "you've won,"  and when I got there an the lady said "this is all yours!"  I was like "WHAT THE!?..." so awesome!  

I'm feeling so lucky to have won all of these beautiful treasures!  Today S and I are going downtown to take photos...

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