Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kickin it old school...

Again with the iPhone camera... I PROMISE TO BRING MY DSLR WITH ME WHEREVER I GO... I wasn't expecting to go to a 50's diner for some burgers, fries and home made soda when Dani (a friend/neighbor) went down south to Aladdin's Cave antique place in Black Diamond - I know I couldn't make up names this good!  We didn't find much at Aladdin's Cave, but I did come across an ornate oval frame... when I bellied up to buy the frame the lady told me to just have it for free!  The mirror had broken and was taken out... So that'll get a nice coat of cream paint this weekend, and some linen covered cork board - to be added to the sewing room wall... and on the same train of thought I'm planning on recovering two wingback chairs to go with the Swedish couch in the front room... I'm just searching online now for some nice gray patterned toile... and I'm thinking gray piping... and gray roll pillows... perhaps with the toile as the piping on the pillows... Oooo so excited!  I even found an awesome tutorial online for reupholstering wing back chairs specifically... if you're interested in seeing it just drop me a note and I'll post the link...

The photo up above is from the Diner in Black Diamond... the soda I had is called Dragon's Blood... strawberry coconut flavor!  and the little jukebox... sent our selections to the big juke box... we played a pile of super oldies... starting with a song from Grease... I just about jumped up out of the pink and black booth and started dancing in the shop!  It was so sweet!

My search for gray toile continues... I found two wingbacks on Kijiji for a great deal - they're a rather ugg green velvet at the moment - not the neat lime green from the 70's but the forrest green from the late 80's...  with dark wooden legs, that I plan on painting cream...  Ooo I wish it was the weekend now... there are so many projects that I want to work on... blog design included!

Ta for now!

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  1. Oooh I love your new furniture and projects- can't wait to see the chairs & toile!


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