Monday, June 7, 2010

Hi there Monday...

I started this post on Friday...  and am just opening my laptop again now...  The picture above is BBQ'd corn - I have to say its soo tasty - AND easy to do!  You just peel back the corn husk but leave it attached to the base, then pull out all the little silky strings and then put the husk leaves back up over the corn and voila!  its ready to go on the BBQ!

Originally, the plan for the weekend was to tidy the house for our next week visitor (Serrene!!) and put up the blinds that we picked up for all our windows on the way home Friday... well Saturday we started with the blinds after a quick trip to Good Earth for Earl Gray Lattes... yum... then we got the blinds up, cleaned two of the upstairs room and got the laundry washed and dried and then we went out for the evening... so yesterday I majorly slept in for me and didn't get working away at the house again until the afternoon - so some cleaning has to happen when we get home this evening!

Didn't do much in the way of creating this weekend, didn't get downtown for a day of photos, but the cootie catcher has developed and once I have the pink paper to print them on I'll take a few snaps of version 2.0.  Its really sweet!  And this coming weekend we're checking out Millarville market AND what looks like its going to be an amazing sale - its called the Vintage Chicks Sale, in Priddis - here is a link: The Vintage Chicks...

Then on Sunday we're heading out and about to explore surrounding Alberta with Serrene.  I'm thinking that Monday we'll be heading downtown to photograph the city.

Should find some times during the evenings this week to work on a few projects... and I found a few things around the house I feel the need to photograph!  Shots will follow!... and I've got to check out flickr... 

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