Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chilly Rainy Day...

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What makes a cold... rainy... stooped busy day better?..

PRESENTS IN THE MAIL!.. Presents in the mail from JIRRIAN!..

What can it be!?.  It's handmade... and beautiful...

OMG.. TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL... they look like starfish...

...its a tea for two coaster set!.. OMFG... I LOVE IT!..

Funny thing... I had a dream last night that I was packing up my things to go to England to visit Jill... she's not in England... but she does live far away :(  

I wish she were here now so we could have a cuppa together... 

I almost don't ever want to use these... but I will because when I do I'll think of Jillian even more...

Terrible fast food also helps to make a crappy day better... 

I'm not sure what's worse about it though... the food itself or Cleo's poopie paw... reaching out and grabbing my big mac... probably the food!.. ha... she does love big mac bun...

AND my present from Jill!..


...this is too good not to link party!..


  1. :D i'm so glad you got it and like it :) thing that are elegant, stuff with pearls and lovely muted colors, special shapes and interesting fabrics remind me of you!!

  2. ...hey!
    i'm here for the chowder!!
    ~ but now i'm eyeballin' those starfish coasters:)
    thanks for stopping by for a visit!
    xo, Rosemary

  3. How cute are those?! Lucky! :)

    Have a better day!


  4. Those are gorgeous! I want to get into crocheting- it seems so relaxing and great for making gifts!

  5. So pretty. Would love for you to stop by My Dream Canvas.

  6. Lacey those gifts are gorgeous!!


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