Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Hair Did...

Feathering My Nest has moved!... come check all of this out over at

Ooo... def still getting used to this... have been brunette again now for about 2.5 hours... so far so good!.. haha...

Gone back to dark for the Fall!.. its quite summery outside today but I know Fall is in the air... I can feel it... If you need an awesome person to did your hair then check out Shag that will be opening up on 323 17 Ave SW around the 6th of September... and ask for Candice!.. She's wonderful!..

What shenanigans are you getting up to this weekend!?.  Furs and I went to the Crossroads Market... had some wicked indian for lunch... then chimney cakes from Twisted Cafe... OMG... NOM NOM NOM... on the way out we got some wicked granola... ITS NOT TOOTH BREAKING CRUNCHY... its nice and fresh... and a coconut curry soup mix... AND some fresh made this morning sooo-saaage!.. Soup and sausage for supper tonight!..  

Now I think I'ma gut the fridge... wash it out and then put it all back together... tomorrow we're tackling the bedroom closet... I've begun to amass things from various cupboards and closets around the house for a yard sale that I want to have the weekend after next weekend!.. lots of clothes too... need to find/make a rack to hang the clothes on... hmm... any ideas?..

over and out...

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