Monday, May 3, 2010

Yard Work

Had an ok productive weekend - this picture doesn't really show it the best but I' spent a good part of Sunday out leveling out the backyard somewhat - I broke up the soil at the top of the little hill and put it down at the bottom - It will still have a slope to it but not nearly as bad as it was.  We are going to put in a stone area over by the corner of the deck opposite the hot tub - to put the BBQ down onto so that it is off the deck and we have more room on the deck!  And I saw an ethanol gel fire place that can go on the deck - its a 360 one that looks like regular back yard fire pits - only it can actually go on the patio without burning it down - so I'm thinking of picking that up for my birthday.  What else... the back yard - we need a load of dirt to help level out the yard and to prep it for the sods, and trees and flowers for the gardens to go back there - I'm so stoked to get the back yard done - oh we have to build three more sections of fence at least as well - fingers crossed we can get this all done before June - I can't wait to have a summer with a back yard!  Its been years!

Saturday I got a few pictures printed large - the colours seem good, so I have to order multiples of those.  I have to decide on a few more to have printed as well and then send those to get printed next weekend and then order the multiples of those ones the weekend after.  Its already the first weekend of May!  The sale is May 30th!  And I have to assemble all of the necklaces and package them, come up with some displays for the necklaces and photos, and design and send in my business cards... hmm, I thought there was something else...  Oh yeah get a large frame and cut the mat to fit the larger photos to photograph them for my etsy shop!  If only I could work 4 tens and have Friday's off - Ooo that would be sweet!  I need more me days to work on my projects!

Here is a snap of my Yellow room Orchid.  Happy Monday!

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