Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Monday... why can't you be Friday!?

I just spilled tea all over my desk and scarf while I was trying to adjust my under desk heater with my feet - what does that mean for the rest of my day!?  Hopefully now that thats out of the way the rest of the day can be good and go by quickly - Not to be wishing away my time here now I just want to get home and get working on my Stache's!  I picked up the rest of the supplies that I need to get the rest all finished up.  So I'm thinking I'll get them done this evening.  

As you can see I had half a dump tuck load of topsoil delivered and we've really evened out the yard - compared to what it was.  We have a bit of evening work to do up at the top and then a strip by the parking pad that we need to turn up because it is so packed down, then cut away the bit of grass that grew up by the parking pad all across the back and then rake that out even.  Its really foggy out this morning so I'm thinking the weather won't be a whole lot better at the end of the day - hopefully we can spend a bit of time after work a couple days this week and get it all ready for sod - I really hope to get sod on Saturday perhaps!  Oh that would be lovely!  The weekend forecast was beautiful, though I haven't checked it in a couple days so it could have changed!  Either way - the sooner the better with the sod!  (unless we get a pile of frost and snow!)  but if we get it down soon it'll get a good chance to root in before summer really hits!  Oooo I can't wait to have grass!  I think the yard will look 100% better once we get grass down.  And we have gardens planned out.  I have a pile of plants living in my front den right now, just waiting for the back yard to get done.

Last night I made seafood chowder for supper - yum!  I also got a few more pictures printed this weekend - a few more colour shots - they turned out awesome so the big order is going to take place this weekend coming - then to package and label those.  I also want to make a big mustache sign for the table... just gotta figure out what to make it out of...

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