Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy Weekend...

Not the best picture quality, took a quick snap with my iphone, to give a sneaky peek of the Staches all packaged.  I have some boxed and some bagged and ribbon tied.  Got them all packaged now.  Got 24 of the 104 photographs packaged... I need to get more flat poly bags to get them all packed and protected.  I have one of my take aways in with each photo.  The pricing has been decided:

8 x 12 = $20
11 x 16.5 = $40

Mustache Necklaces = $30

Thats that.  I was originally thinking 40 and 60 for the photos but its a street festival and people will only carry limited cash with them so I don't want to over price for the venue.  It is also my first time selling my photographs - I feel like I'm underselling by quite a bit but I really think this pricing will work for this venue.

Yana and I will be located near the Rose and Crown - just a few booths down from the Paradise Mini Donuts...

I'm hoping to get the rest of the photos packaged now in the next night or two, after a trip to the packaging place, so that the packaging has a chance to press nice and flat.  I still have some things to make as well - some frame stands for the four framed photos that I'll have at the festival.  I would also like to make some giant paper Staches - we'll see how that works out!  

Had a BBQ this weekend - take a look:

It was a very busy weekend - Chris and the neib RJ finished off our fence this weekend!  The back yard is looking so much more complete now!  Didn't get to sit out and enjoy the deck that much as it was quite a cool weekend, but now that the back yard is just about complete we have the whole summer ahead of us to enjoy it.

Time for a little surfing before I start my work day.  

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