Friday, May 28, 2010

Photos all packaged...

Shot of me here this morning with my Stache on.  We had lots of snow down south last night... fingers crossed for no precipitation on Sunday!  I got the photos all packaged last night... all I have to do with the photos now is wrap the originals I had printed for display, frame four of the photos, and make dividers so I can access each of the photos quickly in the box that they'll be in.  That's what's on the agenda for this evening, along with printing out price lists, cutting out decorative staches, and working on a display for the necklaces - and stands for the photo frames...  then tomorrow I'll pack up all of the gear and supplies to go to get ready for Sunday!  Here are a few more of the photos that I'll have at the Festival.

Once the Lilac Festival is done I'll be blogging about what I'm cooking and what I'm photographing.  My brit bestie Serrene is going to be staying with me in like two weeks! Whoot - we're going to go on a few photo excursions while she's here.  Its gonna be fun times!

Ta for now!  Blog again tomorrow with some snaps of the pricelists and packaged photos.  And I'll see if I can work out the mobile blogging and blog a bunch from the Lilac Festival!

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