Saturday, April 9, 2011

Refinished Wooden Breakfast Tray...

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Its been a couple months since I picked up this tray at VV... I think I got it for something like 3.99... or was it 4.99?.. either way it was a great find...  Here it is completed...

This is the only before picture I could find...

Its buried in behind the two white frames... see the dark brown rectangle!?. that's it!.. it was black on the outside edge, the bottom and the legs...

So... I painted it cream... of course... And with the sheet music I picked up at Fair's Fair a few weekends ago... and some modge podge I covered the bottom and then the top of the tray... luckily I started with the  bottom to get the hang of mod podging again... its been awhile... 

To seal the bottom of the tray I used a couple coats of mod podge... I got a few bubbles/wrinkles on the bottom... so a little research on the web for mod podge techniques and the top turned out perfeclty...

 For the top I just mod podged the tray and pressed my pre cut out and pre fit paper onto it... smoothed out any bubbles and moved onto the next piece...  once it was all stuck down I let it dry... I didn't put a layer of mod podge over top...  I let it sit a couple of days and then used a clear waterbased varnish to protect the sheet music from any spills...  Then a coat of paste wax and a buffing with cheese cloth and I put the tray pieces back together...

I'm very happy with the results... It matches our bedroom perfectly... but I think I might have to part with this one at the Vintage Chicks Sale coming up in June...

I won't have my own booth but I'm going to have a few items in with Laura's and Pam's booths... I'm going to be taking the photos for the Vintage Chicks Sale this Spring!.. So excited!..  It's going to be a fun weekend!..

I wish I had enough items build up that I could have my own booth... only work has been so busy that I haven't had a chance to make enough items to fill a whole booth...

Of course I can't break out the camera without Mr. Man making an appearance!.. I swear he  comes running when he hears the shutter click!..

Now I have a question... if you were at a sale and found this tray what would you be willing to pay!?.  Yeah I have to start pricing a few items and  I need your imput!..

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  1. hiya love how you transformed the tray its so cute and romantic looking i love using sheet music for lots of different projects x i am visiting from diy showoff and am following you now ,hope you will visit me soon

  2. That turned out really nice! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. I love it! The tray was a great find and anything looks beautiful dressed up with sheet music. Visiting from Nifty Thrifty Tues.

  4. I really like how you used music notes, I have a tray just like this and it definitely needs a makeover.

    My simple home life

  5. its cool, i wonder if i am so clever to try this thing out myself.. i know it just takes a little time and patience but i have such fumbling hands.. its a great idea

  6. Adorable! I love this idea!

  7. I LOVE trays like that and have kept my eyes open at thrift stores for far not luck!
    I love what you did to it-- it turned out beautiful!!!

  8. I absolutely adore this project! I am hosting a Springtime Craft and Project linky party today and I would love it if you would particpate.

    There is a giveaway involved. :)

  9. I'm loving the look of it- your tray is just charming! Thanks for sharing at FNF!! :)

  10. Oh I so need one of these! I have my coffee every morning and this would look fabulous on my bed! I hope you will share this at my VIP party today...

  11. You are so clever! You tray is just gorgeous! You are really going to enjoy using it... are you going to sell it? Pricing is so hard! X

  12. Found you through Miss Mustard Seed. LOVE your blog, LOVE your style. You've gained another follower! BTW, I wish had at least half your energy! :)

  13. Super nice tray! I would put it in the $18 - $25 range. I hope that's not insulting! I do see all the work that went in it and I love it, but I'm trying to be realistic too.


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