Friday, April 29, 2011

Its My Blogoversary Today!..

Feathering My Nest has moved!... come check all of this out over at

...only I'm super pooped and heading to bed!..  Got some plants to show you and a garden ornament that Furs and I picked up today on the way home... along with some lawn patch repair for the vole damage...

AAAAND... tomorrow I'll choose (at random) the winner of the Acrylic Mustach Necklace!..

Oh yeah!.. when I look at my blog on my MacBook Pro it shows me that I have four days left until my blogoversary... I thinks something is glitched up... its been saying 4 days for days now... but when use my work computer and iphone it says its today!.. hmm... and something was screwy with leaving comments... so if you were trying and couldn't just fire me an email and let me know!..

So a big THANKS and a couple x's and o's to the people who stop by to a read of my little ol' blog!.. and if there is ever something you'd like to see more of let me know!.. or if you have any questions ask away!

Night!.. xo

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