Saturday, January 15, 2011

What to do at 6:40am...

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...what to do?.. wide awake... 6:40am... I tried rolling over and going back to sleep but no luck I was wide awake... I couldn't fall back asleep so I got up... finished tidying the kitchen... threw some laundry in the washer... the new washing machine still makes doing the laundry fun... and now everytime I'm in the basement I get super excited about finishing the basement and thinking about how we're going to lay it out and then all of the finishing details and decorating options...  We took all of the measurements around the basement the other night so that we could get a drawing together for our building permit... today before my hair appointment... yikes my regrowth is aweful... hair needs colouring and a trim bad... and not to mention my bangs which I've been trimming... they're sort of out of sorts!.. okay... anyway we're going to check out the new Lowe's... to see what they might have for our basement... well the washing machine just sang its song so heading back to the basement to change over the laundry and to think about some basement decor!..

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