Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blueberry Tea...

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Went out for lunch today with a couple work peeps... and for the first time heard about "Blueberry Tea"...

Here my tea is steeping!..  I was stoked to try this out!..

Tea in!.. it was really good!.. Who doesn't like a nice warm drink on a chilly day!..

Then for lunch we all ended up with the Lobster Mac & Cheese...

It was some good lunchtime comfort food...

Happy Friday Eve everyone!.. Do you have anything planned for the weekend ahead!?.  I think we're going to head up to Banff for the day on Saturday... and then Sunday... the Wedding Fair!.. :)


  1. Love blueberry tea! But, lobster mac and cheese? Be still my drooling heart!!

  2. I just had blueberry tea this afternoon!! And you are right - it is good! Thanks for visiting. So glad you liked the squirrel pix. As for what we are doing this weekend? Shoveling... again... still... yuck.... Donna


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