Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Deadly Burgers...

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...before I get to the burgers check these out... I had to head downtown after work today to check out lighting on a work project... my Furs came with to lend a hand...  and I snapped these shots while he was helping...

We were cold and hungry by the time we finished up so on the way home we popped into Five Guys in Deerfoot Meadows to pick up some supper...

The place was packed... but they moved quickly... when we got home I turned on the fire place to warm up and we picnic'd on the living room floor...  

The bags were greasy from the french fries... but the smell coming from the bags was Mmm Mmm...

They put in lots of napkins!..

Ooo... Ahhh... they really know the meaning of bag fries at Five Guys... after they put in our burgers and my order of fries they dumped in a whole pile more...  literally... they dumped a container of fries into the bag!..

And then more fries were dumped into the second bag that held Chris's Cajun Fries... Ooo... Ahh... oh so good... they make real "home" fries... like real home made french fries... no bagged and frozen fries here!..

Once I wrestled the burgers out of the pile of fries and got it out of its foil it was a little squished... and rather ugly looking... but it had just made the trip down the Deerfoot to our house and was still nice and hot... I was not complaining!.. AND it was delicious... I went easy and got the small bacon cheesburger and added mayo and grilled mushrooms... t'was tasty!..

Real home made goodness... with some left over bag fries!..

Thanks for the tasty treat Five Guys!..

Now to snuggle down and watch Republic of Doyle... if you haven't seen it before you should check it out...  Lots of beautiful shots of St. John's in there!.. 

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  1. I've heard the 5 Guys are great! Thanks for the review!


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