Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bring on the Weekend!..

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I'm ready for the weekend!.. We've just been pooped all week so far... the first week back after a nice Holiday break... falling alseep early every night this week so far... I expect to be asleep here pretty quick again this evening!.. needless to say I've not been working on anything in the evenings other than supper and tidying up after supper!.. This coming weekend is going to be mostly resting... with just a little tidying... we have to find a place in the basement for all of the Christmas decorations while keeping room for framing and wiring the basement... lots of resting... and perhaps a bit of work on some projects that have been started and not yet finished... some quilting perhaps?..

Not having been working on any projects since Christmas I don't really have anything to show you at the moment... so I'm going to take inspiration from Leigh... awhile back she was short of things to blog about so proposed to her blog readers to email her some questions that she would answer in the following blog post(s)... so I'ma do the same!.. so ask away!.. and my next post I'll post the questions and answers!..

Hope your week is going well... tomorrow is Thursday... the weekend is near!..


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  1. Haha I didn't think that I was that inspiring! :)

    I have a few for you:
    1. How did you and Chris end up moving to Alberta?
    2. Any wedding plans yet?!


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