Sunday, January 23, 2011

Skating on Lake Louise...

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We were rather late getting away yesterday... I tried to sleep in but just had a whopper of a headache... once we got on the go and picked up a pair of skates for me we were off!.. The drive out was beautiful... there is so much snow out in the mountains...

I haven't skated in years... and this ice was bumpy... so Chris pulled me around the ice for most of the time I was "skating"...  Luckily the rink in Cranston is smooth so these skates should get some good use... as long as the weather stays above -20!..

This weekend there is also ice carving festival taking place in Lake Louise... we hung around and checked out the ice sculptures as they were being carved...  then once we were cold we headed back to Banff for supper... We had an excellent supper... I've got a few snaps of it on my phone... I'll upload those later!..  We were going to head to the Bridal Show today but I want to get some work done around the house and chill out and laze around the house... maybe try to organize the sewing room...  We'll catch the next bridal show!..

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  1. It looks so, so chilly but also so much fun! Just stay warm and enjoy!


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