Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You'd Never Say I Ironed This Shirt...

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Yeah this one... you can't see it here but it looks like I just rolled out of bed after sleeping in this shirt and just headed to work!.. I spent a half an hour last night ironing this!..  it's the relaxed I don't care look I guess!..  I could use a bang trim as well... hmm...  I wish I had something to work on... Oh I do...  Those legwarmers... na... I'ma go check out some bloggity blogs and see what projects are being worked on out there...  C'mon weekend!.. I wanna get working on my next project now that those stools are done... thinking about tackling that kitchen table this weekend... perhaps I'll start sanding it down this evening... 

Oh yeah!..  Happy November!.. we're getting closer to Christmas!... ps... I love Christmas... the Millarville Christmas Market is this weekend... and then Spruce Meadows Christmas Market the two weekends after... Eeee!..

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  1. I love those items of clothing that are made out of the "I don't care, relaxed look" fabric. They save so much time AND you really could probaby sleep in them! Talk about versatile! I love Christmas too!


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