Saturday, November 13, 2010

Productive Friday!..

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I had a super productive day today... Ooo.. And I just remembered that today was Friday!..   I had today off work and got a pile of work done at home... Furs worked today so when I woke up this morning I had a cuppa tea with my neib Amy... then after tidying the kitchen and vacuuming downstairs I got to work on finishing the kitchen table!.. 

Remember this kijiji find for $100!?.

Now the table looks like this!..  I stopped working on it mid afternoon... after I sprayed the base cream I gave it a few hours to dry well before distressing and waxing it...

The tables and stools are now both finished!.. and they look like they were meant to be together!.. The kitchen chairs are next on my project to do list!..

Mid afternoon my neib Amy and I walked her and B's doggies out to Sobey's and I picked up some baking supplies... Then we headed to Green Gate Garden Center to pick up some bulbs to force for the Christmas season...  I got 10 Narcissus Paper Whites... they were $1.49 a piece... and I had the perfect planter for them... and realized it after seeing this post at Life in the Fun Lane... the double lion head planter that I got from Pam's yardsale for $1 a few weeks back...

We also made a quick stop into ValueVils... and I found this silver holder that just happened to have the perfect sized glass bowl sitting in it... bowl and silver holder totaled $5!..  and turns out that 10 bulbs were too many for the lion head planter so 3 went into this...

I can't wait until these are blooming!..  Here are two above shots of the two planters filled with the Paper White bulbs...

I also snagged a wooden breakfast in bed tray for $4!...  score!.. plans for that are in the works!..

So... I planted the bulbs and headed back to the basement to sand and wax the kitchen table base... a few hours later I had it dragged upstairs and set up... the old kitchen table is currently sitting in the middle of the living room... gotta post that one on kijiji tomorrow!..  Then after some chatting with my neibs Amy and Brooke, and a quick shower, I baked some whoopies!.. from the book Whoopie Pies that I got on my birthday this past July... Buttercream icing to be made to complete these in the morning!.. 

Tomorrow I plan on working away at some baking... onion dill bread... and some sanding... those kitchen chairs... and maybe a little work on the second wing back chair that is almost complete... I have a pile of energy to get a pile of projects finished this weekend!.. 


  1. The table looks great now! Great finds at the VV, love that place!

  2. Your table makeover looks great!!! Love paperwhites...sooooo PRETTY!


  3. It must be the weekend for tables! I did the same thing to mine except the top of mine is MDF and I can't stain the top so I painted it black. Works for me. Saw you on House Of Grace, Twice Owned. I love these type of tables. Yours turned out great!
    Pattie @ On Hollyhock Farm

  4. Great job on the table. I love the dark top with the light bottom. Thank you for sharing this at my party!

  5. Wow, that table looks so much better. I just gave a similar one to our oldest son for his apartment.... now I'm thinking I should get it back.


  6. Stopping by from Kim's Boring to Better party!! The table looks amazing. I love the contrast! Great job!

  7. Great finds and I love the table! Love the dark stained top with the painted base! Fabulous job!


  8. I love the 2-toned look! Fabulous!

  9. You did a fabulous job painting the table; love it! Thanks for sharing.


  10. Your table looks beautiful! I think I have one just like it, but it's stained and not painted all pretty like yours! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. The table is beautiful. Love the dark top. I just finished a bench the same way. Great job!

  12. Hi there Lacey~ Your table looks just beautiful!! I have enjoyed seeing the transformation on your piece- I really love the shabby with the dark top. Well done!!!
    I'm going to be pulling out some Holiday decorations this weekend and working on that!! :) Thanks so much for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  13. You're one busy and creative girl! LOVE the transformed table!

  14. Looks great! I have a very similar kijiji table that I found for $30...just waiting to be finished!

  15. That looks really nice! So much better than before! :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Looks great! You are a busy lady! :)

  17. I got that whoopie book! But I haven't used it yet! Did you use the buttercream recipe from the book or your own?


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