Monday, November 29, 2010

Let the Decorating Begin!..

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So... Christmas parties equal a non productive next day!.. I did manage to get a bit of shopping and a little bit of cleaning done yesterday... and even a little bit of decorating... no where near what I would have liked to have gotten done... Oh!.. because we had to move the TV cabinet down to fit the tree into the living room we had to clean the cabinet out and we also cleaned up the tangle of cords that had gotten all snarled together!..  it'll all continue this evening... laundry... Christmas tree decorating... and I'll get a picture of my Christmas apron!.. I can't wait to show it off... its too cute!..

Here's a sneaky peak at my decor...  This year all of my glass containers will contain glass balls... and a few baskets too... the glass containers won't contain baskets... some baskets will contain glass balls!..

Here is one of the furbabies on the top piece of the Christmas tree... luckily while it was still in the box... lets hope this year they're not interested in climbing the tree... HA!..  and yes we have a fake tree... Furs and I both grew up with fake trees at Christmas...

Anywhoot... I'm looking forward to putting on a Christmas movie... maybe National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation... or perhaps some Christmas music and decorating the tree with Furs after supper tonight!.. 

Do you have any Christmas tree decorating traditions?..

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