Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up...

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So I think I might have used all of my creative juice that I had for the weekend on Friday!.. I didn't do much else this weekend after Friday...  Yesterday I did do a little baking... my bread started out good... it rose nicely... after I shaped it, it looked great!.. then it rose again and doubled... I think I shoulda punched it down again... but I didn't and it baked pretty flat... shoulda used a bread pan!.. I know for next time...

It rose soo nicely...

It was really fun to punch it down!..

Here it is after I shaped it... but before it rose again... I didn't get any pictures after this point... it was just too ugly!..  Like I said next time I'll be using a loaf pan!..

I also got those Whoopies filled yesterday morning... and there are now only 3 left!.. hehehe... We didn't eat all of them... we shared with the neighbors!..

Last night I started to compile my Christmas music... gotta get my Christmas playlists together... thinking of having a Christmas party mid December... gotta get a few projects finished before I have a party though... the kitchen table chairs... and the wings on the second wingback chair... and both wingback seat cushions... Then I'm ready to have people in the house!..  We're planning on doing a good Christmas clean on the house too here in the next few weekends... before we take out all of the decorations!..

Today was a pretty mellow day too... the most we did was head out into the back yard and cover the plants with burlap... I think we're supposed to get snow this week... and then we did the regular weekend tidy in the house... and laundry...  Ooo... just made a super tasty lobster chowder for supper... it didn't last long enough to get a photo!..

Now for a mellow evening with Furs and the fur babies... I think we're going to head to an auction tomorrow evening with the neibs A&B!..  I expect that everything will be very expensive...  we'll just have to wait and see!..

Hope you had a great weekend!..

ps. check down below for a tute on how to make decorative dried apple slices!..   

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  1. Aww too bad about the bread. Wonder what happened. When we lived in Alaska I baked all our bread, french and even pizza crusts and croutons. Since we lived on the islad our bread would be brought in frozen and placed on the shelves. It seemed it always had mold on it, so out of neccessity I baked ours.

    Hoping for a better out come for you next time. There is nothing like the smell of fresh bread baking!


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