Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hello Lovely Blog Readers/Commenters...

Feathering My Nest has moved!... come check all of this out over at

I'm taking inspiration for this post from the lovely Leigh...  As I get more and more comments I am experiencing the same issue she has just posted about!.. literally... I too have written many a reply to a comment via email and just as I go to hit the send button see the noreply@blogger as the email address...  If you're sending me love I'll send love back... but I need your email address to do so!..  Check out this link...  follow the easy instructions and then whenever you comment on a blog the blog owner will be able to respond directly to you!..  Thanks lovelies!..



  1. HAHA! So... I just went to email respond to your comment... and... noreply@blogger!...

  2. Such a good tutorial! A lot of people don't know about it, so definitely worth a post :)


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