Monday, November 29, 2010

Make Christmas Balls Stay in a Bell Jar...

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So I really like how this looks... all the balls piled up under the bell jar... but its hard to move around and keep all the balls inside... 

Then I got an idea... and with the help of some clear packing tape... and my scissors... 

...snip... snip... snip... just cut right along the edge of the outside of the bell jar...

Press down the tape so that its good and stuck down... then you can turn it over and the balls will stay in!..

We picked up a pile of Christmas balls this evening ... we didn't get to the Christmas tree lights tonight but I got all of my glass containers filled...  This hurricane container isn't totally full of balls though... it just looks like it is... the plastic cylindrical container that these mini Christmas balls came in is down inside!.. these little balls fit perfectly around the container... and there is a layer of balls on top!.. or another idea to save on using all of your tiny Christmas balls is to put a big Christmas ball down inside to take up the bulk of the space!..

I even filled my front room crown... and I left the nest that was in here underneath to take up the bulk of the space in the container!..

Ooo... and check out these two baskets that I found at Winners... on clearance!..

Love them!.. once we get the basement finished they're going to go down there with some nautical rope balls in them...

Finally all of my mantle glass containers are now filled with Christmas balls...

Onto the Christmas lights tomorrow evening!...

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  1. Your baskets are NEAT! What a festive idea putting small balls inside of clear glass vases...I really like the idea...thanks for sharing your talent with others...

    Mel's Cabin

  2. They all look so pretty and how clever you are to think of the packing tape..


  3. Great idea with the tape. I have filled a lot of apothecary jars, too. Thanks for linking up.

  4. I love everything you've done. It's all so colorful and festive.

    My Show n Tell is a Holiday post. Something my Husband made and I painted; Last Year! Here is the Link for you. Do stop by if you get a chance.

  5. Love the trick. Thanks for educating us. Terry

  6. Love that idea~ and the glass jars with balls is a favorite look of mine- your mantle is gorgeous with them up there! Thanks for sharing at my party! :)

  7. Great tip with the tape! I will have to remember your trick!!!


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