Sunday, December 16, 2012

Out With 2012 and in With 2013…

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…frankly… personally… really… I'm done with 2012… it started out bad and stayed on that track… now I'm saying that from a shit point of view… because we'd lost our two fur babies unexpectedly due to insane out of nowhere sicknesses... within three months of each other… and my work situation was making me a zombie… 

...but now if we play optimist 2012 has turned around towards the end… and it's for fucking sure that we're making 2013 our best year yet… we want it and we'll have it… how's that for positive thinking!?. really though I've ended this year with a new place of employment and some really great new friends… and we just celebrated the holidays with the biggest party we've ever had in this house… our front room has finally come together after 6 years of trying to figure the space out… we're going to elope this coming summer/fall… and I've got some early sprouts of plans in progress for being a small business owner… so bring it on 2013…  we're ready to take you on!.. :)

Now… I'm sitting down for the first Sunday evening in AGES… supper is cooking away… really I can't remember the last time I wasn't packing away laundry until 7 or 8 at night on a Sunday!.. Pickly and I switch hit the laundry today and got it done good and early… I even finished my Christmas shopping today!.. AND all of the wrapping!… 

Three days of work... and three evenings of tidying up in preparation for the Parent's arrival later this week and I'm off for two weeks… bring on some RNR!.. 

How was your Sunday?!


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