Monday, December 31, 2012

Chrimbo Hollies...

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Ahh… it's nice having had a week and a bit off of work already… and I still have all of this week off!.. chill time to the max!.. ha ha… that sounded like it was right out of Saved by the Bell… My parents arrived a week and a bit ago to visit Pickly and I over Christmas and New Years!.. we've been eating lots… shopping lots… what has your Christmas been consisting of!?.  lots of chill time I hope!.. 

The paperwhites that hadn't bloomed for our Annual Christmas Shindig were in full bloom for our family Christmas!.. don't believe the box when it says that the blooms are "fragrant"… paperwhites stink… but they look sooo pretty!..  




Some Pickle loves me is the understatement of the century!.. Santa Pickle has spoiled me as usual this Christmas!.. And as usual I was up before the birds on Christmas morning… which lead to many Christmas day naps...

…nothin but comfort… 


We took the Momma and Poppa out to Banff for Afternoon Tea this past Friday… the weather was beautiful… the sun had decided to come out… finally!.. 

…and we were lucky enough to spy these unicorn elk… 

Now tonight we're chilling out even more… lots of food… bubbly... and movies!

I hope your Christmas has been fabulous!..


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